escrima  is the weapon based system within the international academy of wingchun.

modern warfare is very different from that of centuries gone by. the skills of the warrior have changed to match the weaponry used. the need for physical strength and technique to conquer the opponent  has been replaced by the need for technologically superior weaponry.

one thing has remained constant-the need to understand range and which weapon is the most effective at that range.

escrima training teaches the student how to use and defend against a variety of weapons such as the dagger, single hand, hand and a half sword, buckler shield and of course the bamboo stick.

in modern martial arts we tend to teach the empty hand systems first and when a degree of competence is reached, students can progress to the weapons systems. 

in pre-firearm history, if you knew invaders were coming to attack your village you would pick up any weapon available to you to preserve the life of yourself and your loved ones. only when disarmed would you resort to fists, knees and elbows.

as a student of the international academy of wingchun you are given the opportunity to broaden your knowledge of real self defence outside of the empty hand system and to develop skills using weapons and an understanding of the different ranges associated. this is an essential part of advanced wingchun student knowledge..