for a more in-depth introduction to grandmaster sifu klaus brand and for the location of other iaw academies around the world please follow the link to the Iaw-hq website (translates to english). 

Grandmaster sifu klaus brand


founder of the IAW and creator of the wingchun® system

unparalleled in his knowledge and understanding of realistic self defense, dai sifu klaus brand has spent many years researching the many wing chun styles  existing today and has refined and honed the most effective elements into his wingchun® system which he now travels the world teaching. please see our events page for the next series of seminars hosted by grandmaster dai-sifu klaus brand.


Welcome to the iaw-gravesend


My name is sihing steve rose, academy leader at gravesend.

currently a second technician grade in wingchun® kung-fu, escrima student level holder and s.a.t instructor, i take my role as a self defence instructor very seriously.  As a student of grandmaster sifu klaus brand i am honoured and priviliged to be able to pass his teachings on to my students ensuring they are prepared for real self defence scenarios using techniques which abide by the mottoes and principles of the Wingchun system